Karson & Kennedy: Heard on The Show

Karson & Kennedy: Karson, Dan and Annie Just Ruined OTR

Karson wanted to show off his guitar chops. He's going camping with 21 people and wants to play guitar around the campfire. RELATED: Dan & Karson Went to U2 and Got Some Crazy Fan Audio! So what did he learn? Kumbaya? Michael Row The Boat Ashore? Nope, Old Town Road. And then he added Dan and...
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Karson & Kennedy: DJ Dan's Weekly Rap Up

DJ Dan brought the HEAT this week with his Weekly Rap Up! He covers Karson stealing Barrett's bike, Kennedy & Annie hitting Turks and Caicos, and Kennedy's baller date at the casino! DJ drop that rap up! Dan's Weekly Rap Up...
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Karson & Kennedy: Karson Is Camping With 21 People!

So Karson is going camping with an enormous group of people this weekend. 7 Dads and a million kids. He's convinced something will go wrong, your calls with camping horror stories solidified that. Karson Is About To Live Kennedy's Nightmare...
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annie kennedy vacation

Karson & Kennedy: #TWERKSANDCAICOS Checklist!

Kennedy and Annie leave for Turks & Caicos on Saturday and Karson cannot leave them alone to just go have a relaxing vacation. So he created a checklist of things they have to do while they are in a tropical paradise. Sounds fun. Kennedy and Annie's Twerks and Caicos Checklist...
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lock it or lose it

Karson & Kennedy: Ever Have To Teach Your Kid A Lesson?

Barrett has been having a rough summer. He's lost two pairs of shoes, a swim shirt, and a bathing suit and has to pay it all back. Well, over the weekend he didn't lock his bike, and Karson decided to teach him a lesson. Lying To Your Kids as a Lesson
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annie is batman

Karson & Kennedy: Annie Wore This On A First Date

Have you ever worn something strange on a first date? Or did your date show up as a pirate? RELATED: Annie Hit Gilette And Partied With The Swifties! Well, Annie showed up on a first date as Batman.
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Karson & Kennedy Summer Camp Challenge!

The Karson & Kennedy Summer Camp Challenge continued today with a theme competition. We have a ticket for Annie to see the JoBros and a ticket for Dan to see Billy Joel - but only one will win! RELATED: Karson & Kennedy Summer Camp Challenge! Who's theme did you like better? Vote below!
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Karson & Kennedy: Candy Makers Want Halloween Moved To Saturday. You Disagree.

After an online petition proposed to move Halloween to the last Saturday of October garnered massive support, Snickers doubled down.
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Samaritans 5K Run/Walk

Join Kennedy's "Kennedy's Crew" At The 21st Annual Samaritans 5K Run/Walk For Suicide Prevention

The 21st Annual Samaritans 5K Run/Walk for suicide prevention will take place on September 28th! Join us at DCR Artesani Park in Brighton and celebrate life and hope! Please support Samaritans and our lifesaving work by registering today. Join Kennedy's Crew! CLICK HERE to join her team. Samaritans...
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