Karson & Kennedy: Heard on The Show

New Kids On The Bock NKOTB

Karson & Kennedy: NKOTB Talk Mix Tape Tour and How the Yankees Suck

All the guys from NKOTB called in today to tell us all about the Mix Tape Tour!
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Karson & Kennedy: Karson's Visiting Cousin Has A Ridiculous Game Day Ritual

Karson's wife, Lana is running the B.A.A. Half Marathon this weekend and she's got some family coming in. Her cousin is a HUGE Clemson fan and they will be playing on Saturday afternoon and cousin doesn't want to miss the game. However, he needs 90 minutes before the game to go through all his...
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Can't Beat Kennedy : 10-03-18

6:45 Can't Beat Kennedy : Victoria from Waltham 7:45 Can't Beat Kennedy : Lori From Medfield 8:45 Can't Beat Kennedy: Don From Holbrook...
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Brynn Elliott

MixFest: Karson & Kennedy Interview Brynn Elliott

Can you believe she just graduated from Harvard?!
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Karson & Kennedy : DJ Dan's Weekly "Rap" Up!

Dan's Rap this week covers Mixfest, Annie applying to be on The Bachelor and Karson throwing his back out by doing... absolutely nothing.
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Karson, Kennedy, Salt, Alessia Cara

MixFest: Karson & Kennedy Interview Alessia Cara

The singer has never performed on an all female radio lineup!
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Karson & Kennedy : Karson Shares Important Family News

Karson has twin daughters who are 25 years old now. One of them just recently got divorced and has been avoiding Karson like the plague. Well he got a call from his former son in law who dropped some bombshells on him! Karson Shares Some Important Family News
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Can't Lick Salt : 09-28-18

6:45 Can't Lick Salt : Brittany From Haverhill 7:45 Can't Lick Salt : Eddy from Lynnfield 8:45 Can't Lick Salt : Jeff From Allston...
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Karson, Kennedy, Salt, Jewel

MixFest: Karson & Kennedy Interview Jewel

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Karson, Kennedy, Salt, Meghan Trainor, Daryl Sabara

MIXFest: Karson & Kennedy Interview Meghan Trainor!

The singer's fiancé Daryl Sabara also joined in...
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