Karson & Kennedy: Heard on The Show

kennedy matt nathanson

Karson & Kennedy: Kennedy Sings With Matt Nathanson!

Kennedy was invited to sing with Matt Nathanson last night at Boston Common for "Holiday Lights" sponsored by WCVB and our sister station Magic 106.7! RELATED: PHOTOS: Kennedy Singing On Stage With Matt Nathanson at the Boston Common Tree Lighting However, it wasn't her singing that grabbed Karson'...
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dj dan weekly rap up

Karson & Kennedy: DJ Dan's Weekly Rap Up

Dj Dan brought it this week rapping about Mimi nearly cutting her foot off at Thanksgiving dinner, Dan's dog eating his TV, and the Elf on the Shelf is missing!! DJ Dan's Weekly Rap Up...
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matt nathanson

Karson & Kennedy: Matt Nathanson Invites Kennedy To Do Something Amazing!

Look for her on TV tonight during the Boston Common Tree Lighting!
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elf is missing

Karson & Kennedy: The Elf On The Shelf Is Missing

Karson has a serious problem. Ziggy, Barrett's beloved Elf on the Shelf is missing and he does not know what to do! HELP! Ziggy the Elf is Missing!
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Karson & Kennedy: Your Dog Ate What?

Dan's dog Beau got into a bit of trouble by eating their 72 inch TV. No joke. So, to make Dan feel better, we asked you to tell us what your dog ate. You will not believe what some of these pups got into. Dan's Doggie Destruction Calls...
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keith lockhart

Karson & Kennedy: Stupid Questions NOT Asked Of Keith Lockhart

Yesterday Keith Lockhart, Conductor of the Boston Pops Orchestra, stopped by to chat about this season's Pops concert. It's not the interview that was the problem, it was the questions Karson and Dan DIDN'T ask that has Kennedy shaking her head. Dumb Questions For Keith Lockhart
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Karson & Kennedy: Karson vs FB Marketplace

Karson has been trying to sell his beloved tree on Facebook Marketplace. They finally have a living room filled with furniture and there is just no place for that big 'ol tree. RELATED: 8 Alternative Christmas Tree Ideas to Fit Any Space Karson feels he gave the tree fair market price and expected...
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Karson & Kennedy: Mimi Got Stabbed At Thanksgiving

Karson had Thanksgiving at his house as he does every year, but this year something went terribly wrong in the Kitchen that ended in blood, and tears... and potentially stitches. RELATED: Karson & Kennedy: Lana & Mimi's Movie Review Poor Mimi. Happy Thanksgiving!
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Scared Turkey

Karson & Kennedy : Annie's Thanksgiving Update

Annie's sister Caitlyn was hosting her very first Thanksgiving in her new home. Problem is she doesn't have the furniture, or cutlerly.... or space... or food to host the Dow family. So we HAD to check in with her today to see how it all went! Annie's Sisters Thanksgiving Recap...
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Keith Lockhart

Keith Lockhart From The Boston Pops Joined Us In Studio!

Conductor of the Boston Pops Keith Lockhart joined us in studio today to cover the start of the Holiday Pops season and some cool new features for this year! Boston Pop's Keith Lockhart in Studio!...
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