Karson & Kennedy: Heard on The Show

Love Songs

Help Karson -- What Are Your All Time Favorite Cheesy LOVE SONGS?

Only the classics please!
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Married Guys Valentine's Day

What Should The Married Guys Do For Their Wives For Valentine's Day?

It's only two days away and they're clueless...
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Karson & Kennedy's Big Game Party

WATCH: Behind The Scenes Action From K&K's Big Game Party!

Check out everything that went down!
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Patriots Sendoff Rally

WATCH: Salt & Annie On The Field At The Patriots Sendoff Rally!

Salt and Annie headed down to Gillette for the send-off rally and killed the game!
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Karson & Kennedy We're On Til 10

Karson & Kennedy: WE'RE ON TIL 10!

The K&K show will now go until 10am.
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Karson Annie

Karson Reacts To Ariana Grande's "7 Rings" Video

Everyone is loving Ari's new track!
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Karson Lovelytheband

Karson Talks To Lovelytheband In The Mix Lounge

Lovely The Band Interview We held a Mix Lounge with Lovelytheband, and it was amazing. They played "Broken," and answered all kinds of questions like what their first concert was, and of course Karson had to call them out. RELATED: Andy Grammer Is Mad At Karson's Wife I've never seen a band quite...
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Karson & Kennedy 10K Toys Final Question Marks

WATCH: How Many Toys Did Karson & Kennedy Collect?!

Did we make the goal......
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Annie Dives Deep: Things You Are Still Hiding From Your Mom

Annie Dives Deep: Things You Hide From Your Mom Last week on the show, we talked to listeners about what they are still hiding from their Mom. They shared all kinds of stories from tattoos, to secret boyfriends, and everything in between. I thought I was pretty honest with my Mom, but realized...
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Erin O'Malley Is Back Today!

Mix 1041's own Wonder Woman Erin O'Malley is back to work today after a long battle with cancer. She came in early to chat with us about her journey, coming back to work today, kicking cancer's butt and more! We love you Erin! Erin O'Malley Is Back!...
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