Annie & Danielle spent the weekend apart and one of them is a little bitter about how much fun the other had!

Danielle's recent dating life has brought up a few questions and discussions about dating in general that the girls dive into.

And last but not least, WHAT is...
Annie & Danielle went to the Big Apple!! And they had the time of their lives, even though they didn't do the one thing they planned on doing ...

For the first episode of the New Year, they are predicting what's to come in the pop culture world in 2020!
Goodbye 2019!

Annie & Danielle review their past year and how they have changed in 2019.

They also share their detailed New Year's resolutions, including everything from folding laundry to getting rid of toxic people.

2019 was great, but 2020 is going to be...
Annie & Danielle were really ~vibing~ over the weekend!

After discussing their weekends, they dive into what they love and hate about Christmas and their favorite holiday memories.

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Annie & Danielle update you on what's been going on in their lives!

They then dive in to an episode all about Annie! Danielle gathered some personalized questions from coworkers to get to know Annie a little deeper.

It's been so long!!

After taking a week off and having a long weekend, Annie & Danielle have a lot to catch up on!

The girls detail their time off and then dive into some questions their "colleagues" had for Danielle to get to know her a bit more.

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Annie & Danielle hosted a karaoke night this weekend and CRUSHED it singing some ~classic~ tunes!

The girls also share some of their best travel stories, including L.A. and Ireland. But before they get to that, they talk about a lot of absolute nonsense ...