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If you followed me around for a week, here’s what you would learn… Lana and I have been married for ten years, together more than fifteen. We have twin daughters from my first marriage; Kourtney (perpetually single) and Krysten (happily married) and they both live outside of Chattanooga Tennessee. We also have a son Barrett, who was born in November of 2010 and attends a Boston Public School. My mom Carole was married and divorced four times by the time was eighteen years old but she’s currently single and ready to mingle. My dad Richard lives in the Tampa area with roots in Newport Rhode Island, which is where I spent a lot of summers in New England as a kid. I have four siblings, Henri (Ocean City MD), Brent (Orlando), Alicia (Tampa) & Damon (Orlando) but I’m the oldest. I’m an Army Veteran and was stationed all over the world while serving as an Airborne Paratrooper in the Signal Corp. My family is from Maryland, Washington D.C. and Rhode Island. I was born just outside of D.C. but was raised in Florida and moved around a bunch. Like most, I’m a sports junkie and try to play full court basketball three or four days a week, plus lots of skiing and camping when the weather will allow. Lana is a southern belle raised in South Carolina and Alabama, which is where we first met. Lana is a small business owner and is very involved in our neighborhood of Charlestown. I’m currently on the Boston Red Sox Foundation Board of Advisors, Charlestown Neighborhood Council and the Charlestown YMCA Board. I have also volunteered as a mentor for the Boys and Girls Club of Charlestown, and donate time to other charities like the American Diabetes Association (my mom is diabetic), Best Buddies and Harvest on Vine, which collects food for needy families. The nerdy radio stuff: Kennedy and I started the show together at Hot 104.9 (WHTF-FM) in Tallahassee, Florida in 2003. After about eighteen months, we were hired by Q107.5 (WHBQ-FM) in Memphis Tennessee which is where Lana and I were married. Five years later we got the call from Boston to move our show to Mix 98.5, eventually changing frequencies to Mix 104.1 (WWBX-FM). We’ve been at Mix since January of 2009 and added Salt and Producer Mike Morgan to the show in 2012.