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Hi, I’m Kennedy. I’m the lone girl in our show, but I’m pretty sure I could take all of them. I’ve lived all over the place between radio jobs and being married to an Army guy a million years ago I’ve seen it all. And some of it can’t be unseen. I have a Chocolate Lab named Elvis and he is my world. I like him better than most people. I was born in VA but lived most of my life in suburban Chicago (Go Wheaton North Falcons!!). I will forever be a suffering Cubs fan and you can’t take that away from me. I went to college Des Moines, IA at Drake University with a double major in Theater and Psychology. I love to sing, I love to be on stage but don’t have the chance to do either much anymore. One of these days I’ll get back under the lights, so for now I just sing the National Anthem wherever I can! I’ve sung for Bruins, Sox, Pats, Celtics, Revolution and a few high schools. I have 2 sisters – one of whom had a baby for the other. It’s the most amazing story in the history of stories. I have a niece and nephew I spoil with reckless abandon. I love giving back to our community. I work with Special Olympics MA, I fostered over 35 dogs for Great Dog Rescue New England, and am a fearless supporter of any mental health initiative, as I live with depression and bipolar disorder. It’s my mission in this life to stop the stigma surrounding mental illness. I am an adventure junkie – I’ve jumped out of an airplane, rappelled down the 22 stories of the Hyatt, walked on fire, and am always looking for the next cool thing to do. To quote Ferris Bueller – life is short. So I like getting out there and seeing how I can challenge myself. I love this silly job I have and thank you for listening to us every morning. Without you all we would be nothing, and for that I thank you.

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