LISTEN: A Conversation with Steve Perry About His New Album 'Traces'

Listen to the discussion hosted by Erin O'Malley!

October 17, 2018

Chelsea Blackmore


LISTEN: A Conversation with Steve Perry about his new album Traces

Recently, Erin O'Malley sat down with Steve Perry for A Conversation about his new album Traces, the love of his life Kellie Nash, and so much more. The two have both been deeply affected by cancer. In just one night this event raised over $32,000 for Dana Farber Cancer Institute!!

CLICK HERE to check out photos from the event.

Throughout her journey Erin has found strength in wearing her Wonder Woman costume. During their talk, Perry brought in the surprise of a lifetime for her...the director of the Wonder Woman movies Patty Jenkins! Out of nowhere she called in to wish Erin some beautiful words. The touching moment is captured in the video below!