Can't Beat Kennedy: 06-06-18

Can't Beat Kennedy: Michelle From Quincy 1) There's a new "Willy Wonka" movie in the works, and Donald Glover is on the short list for the lead role. Who is the last actor to play Willy Wonka in a feature film? 2) Today in 1844 the YMCA was founded. What does YMCA stand for? 3) Justin Bieber...
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Amazon Prime Box

There Are Over 100-Million Amazon Prime Users

Amazon finally revealed the number of users that pay for their service.
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Can't Beat Kennedy: Marybeth From Chelmsford

Can't Beat Kennedy: Marybeth From Chelmsford 1) Cardi B will join Jimmy Fallon as The Tonight Show's first-ever co-host next week. Cardi B will be the opening for what superstar she recently collaborated with to start the final leg of his tour in September? 2) The Masters is cracking down on...
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