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Katy Perry

You Can't Unsee Katy Perry Dressed as Ursula From 'The Little Mermaid'

A different type of "Teenage Dream"
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Gregg's Son Cruz Has His First Crush

And he wants her to come over to his house!
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Katy Perry Confirms She is "Not Single" During 'American Idol' Finale

Sorry, guys! Katy Perry is officially off the market, and we’re PRETTY sure this means she’s back with Orlando Bloom.
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Can't Beat Kennedy: 05-15-18

Can't Beat Kennedy: Holly From Boston 1) Margot Kidder died Sunday at the age of 69. She was most famous for playing Lois Lane in the Christopher Reeve "Superman" movies in the '70s and '80s. Lois and Superman’s alter-ego Clark Kent both work at the Daily Planet as what? 2) Donald Glover tells...
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Katy Perry and Luke Bryan Attend Sunday Dinner at Lionel Richie’s House

Katy Perry invited herself along with Luke Bryan over to Lionel Richie's house for Sunday dinner. Luckily when the pop star asked him, Papa Lionel said yes.
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Luke Bryan

Salt Channeled Luke Bryan In The Greatest Song Ever Written

Salt Channeled Luke Bryan In The Greatest Song Ever Created Salt found out yesterday that he does a pretty good Luke Bryan impression... but that's just talking. We asked him to take it to the next level and channel Luke and write a country hit. The subject? Karson's first marriage!
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'American Idol' Renewed For Season 2

It looks like Luke Bryan , Katy Perry , and Lionel Richie will return to our television screens for Season 2 of ABC's American Idol . The judging panel announced the news today (May 4) via Twitter along with the host, Ryan Seacrest . According to The Hollywood Reporter , "Promising news for the...
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Katy Perry Says She's "Spoken for," Is She Back with Orlando Bloom?

"I'm sorry I have been spoken for and speak for myself," Perry said. "And I'm very happy."
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Lana Andy Grammer

Andy Grammer Is Mad At Karson's Wife

Andy Grammer Is Mad at Karson's Wife! Andy Grammer is a delightful human being by all accounts. So it was surprising to hear him start his interview with Karson backstage before his show at the Paradise Rock Club by bringing up his wife and her lack of enthusiasm to see him! RELATED: Karson...
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VOTE: Who Are You Rooting for in American Idol's Top 24?

American Idol announced their Top 24 contestants during last night's broadcast. So we were wondering: who are you rooting for? Sound off here!
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