New Apple Watch Feature Will Tell You If You Didn’t Wash Your Hands for at Least 20 Seconds

In their latest update, Apple will include a new Apple Watch feature that will let users know when they didn’t wash their hands for at least 20 seconds.
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Apple Mac Pro

A Fully Loaded Mac Pro Desktop Seriously Costs Over $50,000, And Can Come With Wheels

This is out of control!! The new Mac Pro desktop computer can seriously cost over $50,000 if you opt for all of the top-line features. I'd love to know who this computer is deisgned for? Who would actually drop over 50K on a desktop computer? Fully loaded Mac Pro costs... $52,748. This is just...
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Apple iPhone 11

Siri On iPhone Has A Brand New Voice And It's SO Realistic

There's a new Apple iPhone iOS update coming soon!! At 7pm local time on September 19, users in their respective countries will be able to upgrade their iPhone operating system to the new iOS 13 that is packed with new features. One of the big updates is that voice-assistant Siri has a more natural...
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Apple iPhone 11

Apple Is Trying To Make "Slofies" aka Slow-Mo Selfies A Thing With iPhone 11

Apple is trying to create the Internet's latest craze! The company unveiled their new iPhone 11 & iPhone 11 Pro models today and outlined all of the brand new, exciting features coming. During the iPhone section, the host talked about how slow-motion was added to the front facing camera on...
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Apple Logo

Here's Your First Look At Apple's New iPhone 11 & iPhone 11 Pro

It's a big day for Apple users! The company is currently holding their Apple Event where they showcase all the upcoming new products. Today's most notable product is the launch of the brand new iPhones. RELATED: iPhone 11 Release: What You Should Know We're finally getting the official first look...
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Apple Music iTunes

End Of An Era: Apple Expected To Shut Down iTunes

We're officially moving into the future!
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Tim Cook

Why the New iPod Touch Might Be for You

It's been 4 years since an iPod has been released
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Apple Credit Card

Apple Unveils New Titanium Credit Card For Places That Don't Accept Apple Pay

This entire app is a game changer for your spending.
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Major FaceTime Bug Let Users Hear and Listen To Others

Apple has disabled the Group feature until the problem is resolved.
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LIST: Apple Unveils the Best Apps of 2018

Do you have one or all of the apps below on your iPhone or iPad?
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