White Castle Is Releasing Its Own Beer

( 102.9 The Wolf ) - The fast food chain that's famous for what you crave after a night of drinking beer is officially working on...its own beer. According to Whiskey Riff , White Castle is planning on bringing beer to 400 restaurants in 13 states. As of right now, the plan is to roll out a kölsch...
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5 Extremely Weird Beers to Try on International Beer Day

It’s International Beer Day -- live a little. Craft beers are getting weird . Gone are the days when a white IPA, a marriage of American and Belgian brewing styles that became popular about a decade ago, was considered pushing the envelope. For craft breweries today, releasing crazy flavors is as...
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Karson and Garrett

Karson & Kennedy: Karson Almost Kicked Out a Family Member

Karson's Dad's girlfriends son (Confusing, I know) Garrett is in town visiting, and they had a garage-bque last night. Garrett went to grab a beer out of the fridge and what he did next had Karson ready to kick him out... Should Karson Have Kicked His Family Out For This?
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Rob Gronkowski

Bud Light Wants Gronk To Run Their Social Media

"We have beer....."
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Karsons Foot In Mouth Moment With Portugal The Man!

Karson Put His Foot In His Mouth With Portugal The Man.
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Can't Beat Kennedy : 04-23-18

Can't Beat Kennedy: Zac From Brighton 1) Verne Troyer who played Mini-Me in the Austin Power films has passed away at 49. What was Austin Powers? 2) Queen Elizabeth the 2nd turned 92 over the weekend. Who is next in line for the throne 3) 13 years ago today the first Youtube video was...
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