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Robert Kraft

Robert Kraft Offers Brief Comment On Patriots Filming Situation

There's been a lot of discussion lately following the Patriots filming the Bengals’ sideline during Cincinnati’s game against the Browns last Sunday. According to WEEI , the Patriots reportedly were filming a "Do Your Job" feature but had only alerted the Browns since it was their home game -- and...
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The Patriots Drafted Tom Brady 19 Years Ago Today

Can you believe he was the 199th overall pick?
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Bill Belichick Robert Kraft

New England Patriots Value Has Skyrocketed Since Robert Kraft Purchased The Team

This is the staggering number the team is worth....
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Can't Beat Kennedy: 04-16-18

Can't Beat Kennedy: Lauren From Haverhill 1) Destiny’s Child reunited at Coachella during Beyonce’s performance. Who are the other two members of Destiny’s Child? 2) Bill Belichick is 66 today! Bill and his girlfriend Linda Holiday made headlines last week when they got a dog and named him...
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