Blake Lively

Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively Share First Photo of Third Child

Ryan Reynolds posted the first picture of his and wife Blake Lively's third baby. Reynolds the photo of himself, Lively and their newborn standing in a forest in British Columbia. The couple welcomed the child earlier this year. I love B.C. ---- I want my daughters to experience the same natural...
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'Comments By Celebs' Captures ALL Celeb Interactions

This Instagram account posts celebrities commenting on each other's posts!
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Can't Beat Kennedy: 04-18-18

Can't Beat Kennedy: Laura From Peabody 1) Rumor has it Zayn Malik has been dropped by his longtime manager, because he's a diva. That’s not the only person to drop Zayn recently. He broke up with his girlfriend of over two years in March. Who is she? 2) Blake Lively posted a picture of...
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