Boston website Food Waste Feast encourages sustainable cooking

Food Waste Feast knows that throwing out food is like throwing away money. This Boston-based website wants to help you save the planet and your wallet with recipes that will turn your unused food into delicious meals. The food-saving website was started by Boston-based sisters Mei and Irene, who...
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Massachusetts State Senate approves MBTA sustainability study for electrifying commuter rails

By 2050, Massachusetts is required by state law to have reduced its carbon emissions by 80 percent below the 1990 baseline level. With the state’s transportation making up about 39 percent of all emissions, it’s no wonder that the MBTA is looking for a more sustainable future. One of their first...
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Where To Watch Fireworks Around Boston

There are shows happening everywhere!
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Bike sharing services bring thousands of dockless bikes to Boston-area communities

LimeBike and Spin have started introducing thousands of their dockless bikes to Arlington, Bedford, Belmont, Chelsea, Everett, Malden, Medford, Milton, Melrose, Newton, Needham, Revere, Waltham, Watertown and Winthrop over the past month. The bikes are free to the communities hosting them and are...
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Boston Mayor Marty Walsh announces clean energy plan at International Mayors Climate Summit

On June 7, Boston hosted the International Mayors Climate Summit . The summit, which was held at Boston University, focused on what mayors were doing in their cities to address the global problem of climate change. As a part of the day’s events, BU professor Cutler Cleveland discussed the real...
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Backstreet Boys

K&K Talk To ALL FIVE Of The Backstreet Boys!

K&K Talks To All 5 Backstreet Boys! What's better than one Backstreet Boy? The Whole Damn Band! K&K talked to all five of the boys about their new song and upcoming Vegas Residency and you could say things got a little crazy. It was like herding cats. But really good looking cats who...
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Karson Is Getting a Tattoo.... ON HIS BUTT?!?!

Is Karson Getting a Tattoo.... ON HIS BUTT?! Find out WHY Karson is debating on inking his buttocks for life and what his stipulations are by clicking the link!
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We Surprised Lana With a Call From Her New Boss On Her First Day!

We Surprised Lana With a Call From Her New Boss On Her First Day! It's Lana's first day back to teaching in quite a while, so Karson wanted to start things off right with a pep talk from her new boss Dr. Chang. Who happens to be the Superintendent of Boston Public Schools! You can tell by how her...
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Cell Phone

Karson Has a Boston Sport Star's Phone Number

Karson Has a Famous Sports Star's Phone Number Karson got a text with a phone number and a message that read "you didn't get this from me". It's the phone number to a big time Boston athlete and Karson isn't sure what to do with it. I mean he's definitely going to harrass this person that'...
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Three Lies : I'm a Masshole

Three Lies : I'm a Masshole Rob's mom Stephanie is coming to visit him in Boston. So we decided to tell her he's actually not gonna be here... but luckily Sully and his dad will be!
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