Break Up

social distancing break up

Karson & Kennedy: When You Don't Socially Distance And You Get Dumped

social distancing
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15% Of Relationships Break Up Due To ‘Series Cheating’

Binge-watching is all fun and games until you have to ... break up with your significant other? Have you ever started a series as a couple and then jumped ahead and watched it on your own!? According to Unilad , a new study from Barclays has coined the term 'series cheating'. One in six of us...
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Red flag

What Relationship Red Flags Did You Ignore In Past Relationships?

What Relationship Red Flags Did You Ignore? We've all been there. Being in love can make you ignore some pretty obvious tell tale signs that your relationship is doomed. Like maybe he was married, had a girlfriend, hated puppies? What relationship red flags did you not notice until after the...
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