Billionaire's Search for a Moon Trip Girlfriend Gets 27,722 Applicants

Some people might break the ice with a first date dinner. But what about traveling to the moon? That's what Yusaku Maezawa is looking to do with one lucky lady. The Japanese billionaire and entrepreneur, who recently made waves when he vowed to give 1,000 Twitter users $9 million , is offering a...
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The Reason Sharon Stone Was Kicked Off a Dating App

Dating is hard even for one of the most beautiful women in the world. Sharon Stone found herself unable to swipe left or right as she revealed she was blocked from using her Bumble account after users complained believing it was a fake. I went on the @bumble dating sight and they closed my account...
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The Best and Worst U.S. Cities for Single People

Wannabe Carrie Bradshaws beware, New York City may not be the best place to find your Mr. Big. A new study has analyzed the best and worst cities in the United States for single people, and the Big Apple isn’t even in the top 30, according to WalletHub . #Single ? Looking for #love ? Find out where...
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Karson & Kennedy : Paying On The First Date

Annie was on a first date recently and quickly realized there wasn't any romantic chemistry there to warrant a second. But the guy still payed for her dinner. On the way home she felt bad and thought maybe she should have paid for her own meal since she knew he had no shot with her. So she went...
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Do You Trust Facebook With Your Dating Life?

Not satisfied with connecting you with friends, now Facebook wants to hook you up with a romantic partner too. The social media platform has announced it’s finally ready to launch its matchmaking service, Dating, in the United States, according to CNN . The news comes over a year after the tech...
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People Who Frequently Use Emojis Go On More Dates: Study

Go ahead and send that kissy face emoji. If you express yourself using emojis, then chances are you are going on more dates and even having more sex - at least that’s what new research has found. According to a study published in PLOS One , online daters who frequently used emoticons in their...
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Gregg & Freddy: Dating Danielle

Danielle's friend is setting her up with a guy ... again!
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Unknown phone

Karson & Kennedy: Annie Has No Idea Who She's Texting

Annie came in this morning and told us about this guy she had been texting for a couple days. A mutual friend set them up, and they have been having some great conversations. Only catch is Annie doesn't know his name.... or what he looks like... Is it too late and too rude to ask him now? Annie...
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Karson & Kennedy : Annie Is In a Relationship

Annie Is In A Relationship We had to have a talk with Annie today. She's in a relationship with a man and literally everyone realizes it but her.
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Should Karson Unfollow His Sis-In-Law's Recent Ex-Boyfriend?

Should Karson unfollow His Sis-in-Law's Ex? Karson's sister in law was dating this guy for about 5 months that everyone on the show knows and is friends. Now Karson isn't sure whether or not he's supposed to drop the guy to support his family member or not.
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