Nickelback recording artist Chad Kroeger performs during halftime of the Thanksgiving game between the Detroit Lions and the Green Bay Packers at Ford Field.

Watch Deadpool Angrily Defend Nickelback

Aside from having Nickelback's back, this teaser video doubles as a promo for the release of 'Once Upon a Deadpool.'
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Can't Beat Kennedy: 05-11-18

Can't Beat Kennedy: Melissa From Manchester 1) It would have been Cory Monteith’s birthday today. He’d have been 36. He played Fin Hudson on what show from 2009-2015? 2) 37 years ago today Bob Marley passed away. In the song “I shot the Sheriff” Bob clearly admits to shooting the sheriff,...
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WATCH: Celine Dion's "Ashes" Video for 'Deadpool 2' Soundtrack

Celine Dion just dropped another EPIC ballad on us, and there's even an awesome video to accompany the track.
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