Ed Sheeran

Nov 1974; File Photo; USA; Marvin Gaye performs. / Sept 9, 2015; Miami, FL, USA; Ed Sheeran performs at American Airlines Arenal.

Ed Sheeran Being Sued By Marvin Gaye's Estate Over "Thinking Out Loud"

This is neither Gaye's nor Sheeran's first time facing a potential legal battle.
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Can't Beat Kenendy : 05-21-18

Can't Beat Kennedy : Janelle From Gardner 1) Today in 1881 the Red Cross was founded. What is their logo? Today in 1881 the Red Cross was founded. What is their logo? 2) Mick Jagger recently reached out to Ed Sheeran after Elton John said that Ed's success may not last forever. A source says...
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Royal Puppy Wedding

The Royal Puppy Wedding Happened!

EASILY The Event Of The Year!!
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Can't Beat Kennedy; 05-07-18

Can't Beat Kennedy: Doug From Boston 1) Bill Murray helped a couple with their unborn baby's gender reveal during a golf tournament. He hit a golf ball for them that would bust open and reveal either pink or blue powder. It was blue. How many holes are there in golf? 2) Jordin Sparks gave...
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Is Ed Sheeran About to Star in a Movie About the Beatles?

Ed Sheeran is reportedly in talks to appear in the movie, which will be filmed this summer.
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Can't Beat Kennedy: 04-18-18

Can't Beat Kennedy: Laura From Peabody 1) Rumor has it Zayn Malik has been dropped by his longtime manager, because he's a diva. That’s not the only person to drop Zayn recently. He broke up with his girlfriend of over two years in March. Who is she? 2) Blake Lively posted a picture of herself...
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Ed Sheeran, Taylor Swift & Kendrick Lamar Lead Pack of Billboard Music Award Nominations

Kendrick Lamar, Ed Sheeran, and Taylor Swift lead the pack of nominations for this star-studded event.
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WATCH: Previewing the Performances That Will Air During the Elton John Tribute Concert

We've rounded up a few previews of the show, and it is safe to say that there will be some EPIC performances during the telecast.
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LISTEN: The Incredible Two-Part Tribute Album to Elton John Was Just Released

Both parts of the two-part tribute album to Elton John and his longtime songwriting partner, Bernie Taupin, were released today (April 6).
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Can't Beat Kennedy: 04-05-18

Can't Beat Kennedy: Cindy From Natick Can't Beat Kennedy: Cindy From Natick Jenny McCarthy has dyed her hair blue. Which animated TV series mom from one of the longest running primetime shows ever is known for having blue hair? 2) Steven Spielberg has suggested that the next Indiana Jones...
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