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Feel Good Story: Cancer Patient Runs Boston Marathon With His Doctor

"To do this together meant the world to me."
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Organ Donor

Feel Good Story: 19-Year-Old Meets Stranger Who Saved Her Life

"I knew from day one if I was able to do this, I would do it."
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Feel Good Story: Police Officer Saves Choking Child

This Southern California police officer is a true hero.
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Dog and human

Feel Good Story: Dog Found Two Days After Massive Fire

After she thought her four-legged friend was gone forever, a miracle happened.
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Dog and owner

Feel Good Story: 16 Year Old Rescues Trapped Dog

Anthony jumped into the sewer drain without hesitiation.
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Car long drive

Feel Good Story: Man Drives 400 Miles For A Final Visit

"I just did what anyone else would have done."
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Dog on ice

Feel Good Story: Man Saves Dogs In An Icy Rescue

A true hero.
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Feel Good Story: Kids Surprise Fellow Classmate

These kids are AMAZING!!!!
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Soldier homecoming

Feel Good Story: Deployed Coach's Homecoming Will Give You Chills

"With being a teacher, coach and in the military, he lives to serve others."
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Kids reading

Feel Good Story: Principal & Her Bedtime Stories

There's nothing better than a good pair of pajamas and making students happy.
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