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Tire help

Feel Good Story: Stranger Helps General Colin Powell

This Feel Good Story is about General Colin Powell and what happened when his front tire blew out. Powell posted a message on Facebook that shares the message of the stranger that helped him, and the surprising connection they ended up having. RELATED: Feel Good Story: Canadian Air Traffic...
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Dog on ice

Feel Good Story: UPS Driver Saves Dog From Drowning

A brave rescue.
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Fireman Baby

Feel Good Story: Firefighters Help New Mom In The Best Way

This Feel Good Story shares something that I'm sure a lot of women struggle with.
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Crossing Guard

Feel Good Story: Crossing Guard Receives Car From Students

This feel good story is about an everyday hero who is the crossing guard at an elementary school in North Carolina. According to WXII12 News , Wallace Peoples, or as the kids call him "Mr. Peoples," has worked as the crossing guard for Sherwood Forest Elemtary School for two years, and takes his...
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Jeff Allen

Feel Good Story: Jeff Allen From The Chiefs Repays Stranger In A Huge Way

Kindess goes a long way...even to the AFC game.
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Feel Good Story: Canadian Air Traffic Controllers Spread The Love With Pizza

Our neighbors to the North are amazing.
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Polyana Viana

Feel Good Story: Robber Messes With The Wrong Girl

Looks like this robber won't make the same mistake again...
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Charity Heart

Feel Good Story: Boy Donates Life Savings To Shelter

An example of a kid who'll change the world with his kindness!!!!! At just 9 years old, Nathan Simons is an inspiration to us all. WQAD shared the story of Nathan , and his generousity to the Christian Care center in Rock Island, IL. Nathan was watching YouTube videos of people donating money to...
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