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Feel Good Story: Duckling Crossing Makes For The Cutest Traffic Jam

This Feel Good Story comes out of Biddelford, Maine, and captures an adorable moment. Feel Good Story: 1,000 Strangers Attend Veteran Funeral According to Time , Biddeford resident Karen Ramunno captured the scene on video as a mother duck guided 45 ducklings across a five-lane road. Watch the...
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El Paso

Feel Good Story:11-Year-Old Starts The #ElPasoChallenge

In the wake of the terrible events that occured in El Paso, Texas and Dayton, Ohio, we could all use a story of kindness. RELATED: Feel Good Story: Bookstore Competitors Step In Big Time According to Good Morning America , when Ruben Martinez, an 11-year-old boy from El Paso, learned about the 22...
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Shoe tying

Feel Good Story: Toddler Came To The Rescue With His Shoe-Tying Skills

This Feel Good Story comes out of Houston and shares the sweet act of kidness 2-year-old Josiah Owens did for one of his buddies. RELATED: Feel Good Story: 11 Year Old Helps Nursing Home Patients According to KHOU 11 , Josiah, although only 2, already knows how to tie his own shoes. He spotted...
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Feel Good Story: 6 Year Old Boy Has The Best Shirt For The First Day of School

This Feel Good Story comes out of Georgia and shares the amazing thing that a young boy did. RELATED: Feel Good Story: Atlanta Hospital Brings Prom Night To The Patients According to CBS , Blake, a 6-year-old boy, had the opportunity to create whatever shirt he wanted for the first day of school...
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Feel Good Story: Quincy Police Visit 3-Year-Old Weymouth Kid After Chemo Treatment

This local Feel Good Story shares the amazing act of kindness the Quincy Police Department showed. RELATED: Feel Good Story: An Entire School Learns Sign Language For Their Deaf Classmate Quinn Waters, the 3-year-old Weymouth boy, had quite the Wednesday night. According to WBZ , Quinn had surgery...
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Feel Good Story: Tampa Teacher Asks For Backpacks Full Of Supplies Instead Of Wedding Gifts

This Feel Good Story comes out of Tampa, Florida and shares the amazing story of Kelli Cameron, who did something amazing for a group of students. RELATED: Feel Good Story: 4 Teens Save Neighbor From Her Burning Home According to ABC News , Kelli Cameron is so passionate about teaching that she...
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Feel Good Story: Four Sisters Save Up So Parents Can Adopt Another Baby

These four sisters have the biggest hearts. RELATED: Feel Good Story: 4 Teens Save Neighbor From Her Burning Home According to ABC News , the four Tate daughers, Susanna, Mary Anson, Eleanor, and Evelyn Tate decided to start saving up after learning that their Mom and Dad always wanted to adopt...
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Fenway Park

Feel Good Story: Three College Students Gift Their Extra Red Sox Ticket To Homeless Man

This Feel Good Story may be one of the best ones yet! According to Boston.com , three kids from Malden, Pedro Lugo, Sean Wetzonis and Francisco Rios, were heading to Fenway Park with an extra ticket into the game, and were not sure what to do with it. RELATED: Feel Good Story: Miranda Lambert...
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Rescue dog

Feel Good Story: Miranda Lambert Donates To Local Scituate Animal Shelter!

Country singer, Miranda Lambert, is giving back to a local Massachusetts community! According to the Scituate Animal Shelter of Massachusetts , Miranda made a generous donation that will allow the shelter to adopt RELATED: Feel Good Story: 16 Year Old Rescues Trapped Dog "Lower fees = more dogs...
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Parking tickets

Feel Good Story: Las Vegas Allows Drivers To Pay Tickets In A Special Way

This Feel Good Story comes out of Las Vegas and puts a twist on the dreaded parking tickets. RELATED: Feel Good Story: Boy Donates Life Savings To Shelter According to Yahoo! Lifestyle , the city of Las Vegas is offering, for a short time, the option to pay parking tickets in the form of school...
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