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Feel Good Story: Commencement Speaker Pays Off Class of 2019 Student Loans

This is AMAZING!
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Feel Good Story: This Man Helping This Sloth Is What You Need To See Today

My heart.
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Granny graduate

Feel Good Story: It Is Never Too Late To Graduate

93 and strutting her stuff across the stage!
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Feel Good Story: Georgia Teen Donates His Make-A-Wish Gift While Battling Cancer

"I decided if I could somehow help other people, that would be a wish for me"
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Feel Good Story: Local Girl Saves Best Friends Life

She had just learned the Heimlich Maneuver the day before!
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Coonhound dog

Feel Good Story: Family Dog Saves 3 Girls From Intruder

From being a rescue pup, to saving 3 little girls.
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Feel Good Story: Mom Gets The Best Surprise At Sons Graduation

This Feel Good Story comes out of Michigan and shares the amazing story of Sharonda Wilson and her son Stephen. According to the Detroit Free Press , Sharonda was set to receive her Bachelor's Degree from Ferris State University, but unfortunately was not going to be able to attend. She skipped her...
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Game of Thrones

Feel Good Story: Hospice Patient Last Wish Was To Watch 'Game of Thrones'

Claire's final request: The Battle of Winterfell.
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Autism Heart

Feel Good Story: Student Opens Up About Autism To Classmates

This Feel Good Story comes out of a 4th grade classroom in Philadelphia, and shares the story of Rumari who was diagnosed with autism. Rumari bravely stood up in front of all of his classmates, and explained his behavior related to his autisum and their reactions were incredible. RELATED: Feel Good...
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Rescue dog

Feel Good Story: Deaf Man Adopting A Deaf Rescue Puppy Is What You Need To See Today

This Feel Good Story comes out of Maine, and shares the story of 31-year-old Nick Abbott who was born deaf, and found his perfect companion. According to ABC News , Nick adopted his dog Emerson, who is also unable to hear, through the foster-based rescue 'NFR Maine.' RELATED: Feel Good Story: 1,000...
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