Alex Trebek is Back to ‘Jeopardy!’ After Cancer Battle

Jeopardy lovers got to see it themselves on Monday night: Alex Trebek is back! Trebek returned for the premiere of Season 36 of the game show. “Thank you, ladies and gentleman, and welcome to our show,” Trebek said when the episode started. “I truly hope you folks have enjoyed revisiting some of...
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Alex Trebek Returns for 'Jeopardy!' After Cancer Treatment

Alex Trebek is back to the “Jeopardy!” grind despite having gone through his rounds of cancer treatment. He’s now filming episodes ahead of the show’s 36th season which premieres in September. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Trebek is currently taping all new episodes for the new season which...
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Alex Trebek

'JEOPARDY!' Contestant Breaks Single-Game Winnings Record

James won HOW MUCH?!
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Can't Beat Kennedy: 04-06-18

Can't Beat Kennedy: Mike From Whitman 1) John Krasinski's horror thriller "A Quiet Place" hit theaters this weekend. It's up against the John Cena comedy "Blockers ". Which John is married to Emily Blunt? 2) 88 years ago today Twinkies were invented. What company makes twinkies? 3) Hopper Penn...
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