Justin Bieber

Can't Beat Kennedy: 03-27-18

Can't Beat Kennedy: Vanessa From Quincy 1) Beyonce was spotted at Target shopping like a normal person. The Official Mascot for the Target Corporation is named Bullseye (formerly Spot) and he is a what? 2) Heineken’s new “Lighter Is Better” ad campaign has been met with criticism from Chance...
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Is Justin Bieber Preparing to Release a Christian Album?

It is looking like Justin Bieber's next album could be a Christian album.
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LOOK: Justin Bieber Shares Serene Beach In Photos

Justin Bieber didn’t have anything to say to his social media fans Thursday night (March 8), but he did share a couple of pictures. In both photos, Bieber stands on a beach posing serenely, eyes closed, arms outstretched, seemingly at peace with the world. The “Sorry” singer recently celebrated his...
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Selena Gomez Reveals That She & Demi Lovato Had a Crush on Barney the Dinosaur!

Selena Gomez revealed she and Demi Lovato both had a crush on Barney back when they starred on the show Barney & Friends in the early 2000s.
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