Karson & Kennedy

fireworks or adult toy

Karson & Kennedy: Firework or Adult Toy?

fireworks or adult toy
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brittany and dan

Karson & Kennedy: Brittany Had A REALLY Hard Time Passing Her Driving Test!

brittany and the driving test
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keedron bryant

Karson & Kennedy: Keedron Bryant Tells Us What It's Like To Get A Record Deal at 12 Years Old!

keedron bryant I just wanna live
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Can't Beat Kennedy: 6/30/20

Game time!
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tip plus 10

Karson & Kennedy: Bobby Wong From Kowloon!

Bobby Wong from our favorite RT 1 spot, Kowloon, joined the show this morning to chat about their new carhop! He explained how you can get tickets, what it has been like so far seeing some of his fave customers, and what to expect in the future.
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mayor marty walsh

Karson & Kennedy: Mayor Marty Walsh Joins The Show!

Mayor Marty Walsh joined the show today to talk about what the city is doing about those fireworks, launching the new Equity-Inclusion Cabinet, and of course, he has some thoughts about Cam Newton joining Pats Nation.
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bood up

One of The K&K Ladies Is Boo'd Up!

Boo'd Up!
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cam newton patriots lana

Karson & Kennedy: Is Lana A Pats Fan Now?

As you know by now, Cam Newton is now a New England Patriot. At least for a year. Karson's wife Lana is a HUGE Cam fan. And a HUGE Panther's fan. And REALLY dislikes the Patriots. So what happens next? We asked Lana and we aren't sure she really knows. Welcome to town, Cam! Our Official Cam Newton...
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could be worse

Karson & Kennedy: It Could Be Worse...

it could be worse
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parking lot comedy

Karson & Kennedy: We Had A Comedy Show In The Parking Lot!

We heard about Andrew Della Volpe from our very own Kate Merrill who attended one of his shows. In the back yard. Andrew is a comedian who works all over Boston - well, worked - so he's found a way to keep the laughter going! He's doing stand up in your back yard. Or, in our case, our back parking...
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