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The Wedding Boss : Salt's DIY Wedding

The Wedding Boss : Salt Is going DIY For His Wedding! The Wedding Boss Chezelle Rodriguez is back and this week she is tackling salt's strategy to have some DIY projects for the wedding. Is she for or against his ideas? RELATED: The Wedding Boss : Salt's DIY Wedding If you need a wedding planner we...
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Is It Okay To Have Sex With Your Ex?

Is It Okay To Have Sex With an Ex? Is it a good idea to you know what with an ex? Kennedy has a little nugget to share with us... RELATED: Can't Beat Kennedy : 04-10-18 Read between the lines...What do you think?
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Lana Andy Grammer

Andy Grammer Is Mad At Karson's Wife

Andy Grammer Is Mad at Karson's Wife! Andy Grammer is a delightful human being by all accounts. So it was surprising to hear him start his interview with Karson backstage before his show at the Paradise Rock Club by bringing up his wife and her lack of enthusiasm to see him! RELATED: Karson...
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Can't Beat Kennedy: 04-18-18

Can't Beat Kennedy: Laura From Peabody 1) Rumor has it Zayn Malik has been dropped by his longtime manager, because he's a diva. That’s not the only person to drop Zayn recently. He broke up with his girlfriend of over two years in March. Who is she? 2) Blake Lively posted a picture of herself...
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Can't Beat Kennedy: 04-17-18

Can't Beat Kennedy: Kate From Norwood 1) Will Ferrell was hospitalized with minor injuries after an SUV that he was riding in flipped during a two-car collision. Will Ferrell and Mark Wahlberg have starred in three movies together. One of which is a sequel. Name the other two movies. 2) John...
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Former Police Chief Ed Davis Is Investigating Salt!

Former Police Cheif Ed Davis Is Doing a Background Check on Salt. A lot of HUGE milestones have been happening in Salt's life recently and he has neglected to just come out and tell us about all of them! He didn't tell us when he got engaged, He didn't tell us when he and Sarah found out they were...
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Can't Beat Kennedy: 04-16-18

Can't Beat Kennedy: Lauren From Haverhill 1) Destiny’s Child reunited at Coachella during Beyonce’s performance. Who are the other two members of Destiny’s Child? 2) Bill Belichick is 66 today! Bill and his girlfriend Linda Holiday made headlines last week when they got a dog and named him...
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Wait.... Did Salt Get Married Already?

Wait... Did Salt Get Married? Producer Mikes wife Natalie spotted something interesting in a photograph we took at the station last week and it has been bothering her since. She thinks Salt already got married and hasn't told anyone! She says he's wearing a wedding band in the picture and wants to...
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Can't Beat Kennedy: 04-13-18

Can't Beat Kennedy: Anna from Jamaica Plain 1) On this date in 1899 Scrabble was invented. How many tiles do you get to start a game of scrabble? 2) Joe Jonas says that his girlfriend, Game of Thrones star Sophie Turner, doesn't give him any spoilers about the show even though he’s a big fan...
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War Of The Roses : When Alexa Goes Rogue

War Of The Roses : When Alexa Goes Rogue Hey Alexa - Is Jordan's husband cheating on her?
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