K&K Hit The Street For The Boston Mararthon!

Rain, Hail, Sleet or Snow the Boston Marathon goes on baby!
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Burnt Shirt

Lana's Saturday Shirt Fiasco

Lana's Shirt Fiasco Karson and Lana attended a fundraiser Saturday night for Barrett's school that Lana helped put together. When Karson went upstairs to get dressed about a half hour before the event he saw his wife bawling her eyes out because she put a giant burn hole in her brand new shirt...
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Karson HOST

Karson Can Kiss His Social Life Goodbye!

Karson Can Kiss His Social Life Goodbye Karson can kiss his social life goodbye! RELATED: The Wedding Boss Tackles Photography Click the player above to hear why.
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Cell Phone

Karson Puts His Foot Down Over Cellphone Prices

Karson Put His Foot Down on Cellphone Prices Karson's phone broke and he spent the entire show yesterday talking about how he wasn't getting a new cellphone and he didn't need one, the prices are outrageous etc. etc. Well guess who walked in with a brand new phone he payed a buttload of money for?...
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Dream Catcher

Lana Has a Sexy Dream About Someone Who's NOT Karson

Did she get all of him?
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Wait Kennedy Owns an Elephant?

Poor Mimi cant get any money because of Kemmy Kemmy
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Mimi's Cockamamie Weight Loss Scheme

Endangered Elephants > Mimi's health according to Kennedy.
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