Kate McKinnon

kate mckinnon

Kate McKinnon 'Blew It' with Beyoncé and Jay-Z at Golden Globes

We all watched the Golden Globes and saw all the presenters and nominees on stage, but the stories that come after the event are even better! Kate McKinnon shared her experience with Ellen DeGeneres after Sunday night, which was her first time attending the award show. The table she was seated at...
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Can't Beat Kennedy: 05-22-18

Can't Beat Kennedy: Seanna From Attleboro 1) A video has gone viral of someone dressed up as Peppa Pig watching a Peppa Pig piñata be brutally whacked with a stick at a party. What is the Peppa Pig franchise? 2) Halle Berry joined the cast of “John Wick 3”. What actor plays John Wick? 3)...
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Is Ed Sheeran About to Star in a Movie About the Beatles?

Ed Sheeran is reportedly in talks to appear in the movie, which will be filmed this summer.
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