Three Lies : Bizarro Salt

Three Lies : Bizarro Salt Rob has heard Salt's big news about getting married & wants to have some fun with his mom Ellen by using Salt's story!
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Wait.... Did Salt Get Married Already?

Wait... Did Salt Get Married? Producer Mikes wife Natalie spotted something interesting in a photograph we took at the station last week and it has been bothering her since. She thinks Salt already got married and hasn't told anyone! She says he's wearing a wedding band in the picture and wants to...
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Salt Says He's Not Having a Bachelor Party

Salt's Not having a Bachelor Party Salt told us today he's not going to have a bachelor party because he's been too a bunch and he's not really a fan. This greatly upset the two old married dudes on the show Karson and Producer Mike. They say they never get to have any fun anymore and Salt...
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Danielle & Matt

Wait Our Two Favorite Local Weather People Are MARRIED?

Wait our Two Favorite Local Meteorologists Are MARRIED? WBZ-TV's Danielle Niles and NBC10 Boston's Matt Noyce are on your TV's every morning giving you your weather for competing TV stations. What we just found out recently is after they're done going head to head they go home to the same address...
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