Avril Lavigne

Avril Lavigne Is In "Homestretch" With New Music

She's been teasing her return for a while!
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Ed Sheeran

Ed Sheeran's "Perfect" Music Video Breaks 900 MILLION Views

Not too long and it should hit the 1-billion mark!
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DJ Tables

The Wedding Boss On Salt & Sarah's DJ Selection

The Wedding Boss On Salt & Sarah's DJ Selection Process The Wedding Boss Chezelle Rodriguez is in studio every Wednesday at 8:15 to handle whatever issues may arise in the planning of Salt & Sarah's Wedding. RELATED: The Wedding Boss : The Unruly Wedding Guest This week she tackled a...
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Kylie Minogue

Kylie Minogue Performs Title-Track "Golden" Live

This was the first time fans have heard the track!
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What are the Most Awkward Rhymes in Modern Music History?

Today we’re celebrating World Poetry Day. Sure, we could celebrate by writing something profound or by sharing the works of great poets like Shakespeare or Robert Frost.... but, alas, we aren't going to do either. We wanted to take a different route. We’re celebrating by looking at some of the...
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Madonna Gives New Music Update

The singer has a message -- "Be Patient Bishes!"
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Vance Joy

Vance Joy Interview with Gregg Daniels!

Video of Vance Joy Interview with Gregg Daniels Vance Joy played an exclusive performance in the Mix Lounge presented by Arbella Insurance! The "Lay It On Me" singer's Boston knowledge was tested with his favorite things about the city -- he's a big fan of food in Chinatown. The two also reminsiced...
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Can't Beat Kennedy: Denise from North Attleboro

Denise from North Attleboro 1) Ryan Reynolds posted pictures of kids with cancer visiting the set of "Deadpool 2", and someone complained because it's an Rated-R movie. Ryan replied that after what they've gone through, "I think they can watch whatever they like." Where is Ryan Reynolds from? Hint...
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Dua Lipa Announces Summer Tour Dates

Dua Lipa's upcoming tour will kick off on June 5 in Houston, Texas, and it includes festival stops at Bonnaroo in Tennessee and Panorama in New York City.
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