Can't Beat Kennedy : 07-12-18

Can't Beat Kennedy: Colleen from Plymouth 1) Actor Topher Grace turns 40 today. He starred as Eric Foreman alongside Ashton Kutcher and Laura Prepon on what popular sitcom? 2) On this Date in 1976 Family Feud debuted on TV. Who hosts Family Feud in 2018? 3) Another woman has come forward...
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Can't Beat Kennedy : 06-08-18

Can't Beat Kennedy: Nicole From Norwood 1) Debra Messing says she was sexually harassed and tricked into doing nudity in her first movie role. Messing stars on what OTHER, non-Roseanne recently revived hit sitcom? 2) Boston sports legend Tedy Bruschi is 45 today. What hometown team did...
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Can't Beat Kennedy: 05-01-18

Can't Beat Kennedy: Emily From Maynard 1) Today in 2011, President Obama announced that Osama Bin Laden had been killed. The Navy Seal team that did the job and has since had books and movies and everything else written about them was called Seal Team ____. 2) Jamie Dornan is 36. He’s...
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