Luke Bryan

Headphone Karaoke with Luke Bryan! Well... Kinda.

Headphone Karaoke With Luke Bryan! Well... Kinda Salt's Luke Bryan impression has been one of our new favorite things on the show the past couple days so we wanted to end the week accordingly. Luke Bryan headphone Karaoke!
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Luke Bryan

Salt Channeled Luke Bryan In The Greatest Song Ever Written

Salt Channeled Luke Bryan In The Greatest Song Ever Created Salt found out yesterday that he does a pretty good Luke Bryan impression... but that's just talking. We asked him to take it to the next level and channel Luke and write a country hit. The subject? Karson's first marriage!
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Baby On Pool Float

Have You Ever Used Your Baby To Get Out Of Something?

Have You Ever Used Your Baby To Get Out Of Something? Salt and Sarah's baby hasn't even been born yet but they are already discovering the magic of using your kid as an excuse to get out of things. So we asked our listeners how have you used your kid to get out of something and they answered the...
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Three Lies : Bizarro Salt

Three Lies : Bizarro Salt Rob has heard Salt's big news about getting married & wants to have some fun with his mom Ellen by using Salt's story!
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Delivery Room

Salt Is Going Shirtless In The Delivery Room

The Rock had an adorable baby girl the other day and posted a picture of himself in the hospital shirtless holding his baby.
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Babies R Us

Dan Got Cussed Out at Babies-R-Us

Dan Got Cussed Out at Babies-R-Us Producer Dan and Salt went to Babies-R-Us on Sunday to pick up some stuff for Salt & Sarah's baby and things did not go exactly as planned. RELATED: MAX Reveals Noah Cyrus Collaboration "Team" Has anyone ever actually been cussed out in a baby store before or...
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K&K Hit The Street For The Boston Mararthon!

Rain, Hail, Sleet or Snow the Boston Marathon goes on baby!
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Ed Davis Reported Back With His Background Check on Salt!

Ed Davis Reports Back With his Findings on Salt! We as a collective on the show have recently decided that Salt's whole life is a lie... at least to us because he's constantly keeping secrets... He got engaged... didn't tell us. Found out he's expecting his first child.... didn't tell us. GOT...
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Former Police Chief Ed Davis Is Investigating Salt!

Former Police Cheif Ed Davis Is Doing a Background Check on Salt. A lot of HUGE milestones have been happening in Salt's life recently and he has neglected to just come out and tell us about all of them! He didn't tell us when he got engaged, He didn't tell us when he and Sarah found out they were...
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Formal Wear

The Wedding Boss Criticques Salt's Formal Wear

The Wedding Boss On Salt's Formal Wear Chezelle Rodriguez is the wedding boss and she comes in studio at 8:15 every Wednesday to help Salt with his upcoming wedding. Today we tackle formal wear... which is a dangerous game with our Salty who has quite possibly the most unique style on the...
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