Did You Ever Steal Money From Your Parents As a Kid?

Did You Ever Steal Money From Mom as a Kid? Did You Ever Steal Money From Mom as a Kid?
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Salt Says He's Not Having a Bachelor Party

Salt's Not having a Bachelor Party Salt told us today he's not going to have a bachelor party because he's been too a bunch and he's not really a fan. This greatly upset the two old married dudes on the show Karson and Producer Mike. They say they never get to have any fun anymore and Salt is...
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Gender Reveal

Marge Madness : Salt's Gender Reveal

Marge Madness Continues : Salts Baby Edition
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Wedding Photography

The Wedding Boss Tackles Photography

The Wedding Boss Handles Photograph Issues Salt and Sarah are in the midst of planning their wedding this fall and like any wedding, problems and issues are popping up. Luckily We have gifted Salt an ace in the hole. Chezelle Rodriguez is the wedding boss! and this week she is tackling the issue of...
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Cell Phone

Karson Puts His Foot Down Over Cellphone Prices

Karson Put His Foot Down on Cellphone Prices Karson's phone broke and he spent the entire show yesterday talking about how he wasn't getting a new cellphone and he didn't need one, the prices are outrageous etc. etc. Well guess who walked in with a brand new phone he payed a buttload of money for?...
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Little Girl

Salt Asked Sarah's Nieces How He Should Raise His Daughter

Salt Asked Sarah's Nieces How To Raise a Girl Properly Listen above to hear what they had to say!...
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Salt Gender Reveal

Salt & Sarah Announced The Gender Of Their Baby Live on Air!

Salt & Sarah Reveal The Gender Of Their Baby! Salt and Sarah revealed the gender of their first child this morning on air and it was emotional to say the least! We talked to some listeners who wanted to give Salt advice and he told us the name they've chosen! Salt Gender Reveal pt. 2 It was...
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Salt Wedding Boss

The Wedding Boss : The Unruly Wedding Guest

Is Make Their Drinks a Double a Viable Strategy?
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Salt's Save The Date Mix Up!

Looks like they'll have to re purpose a couple of those cards...
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Salt is NOT Happy With People Over His Baby Registry!

Just Buy The One He Wants People For Your Own Sake!
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