Can't Beat Kennedy : 06-08-18

Can't Beat Kennedy: Nicole From Norwood 1) Debra Messing says she was sexually harassed and tricked into doing nudity in her first movie role. Messing stars on what OTHER, non-Roseanne recently revived hit sitcom? 2) Boston sports legend Tedy Bruschi is 45 today. What hometown team did Tedy...
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Can't Beat Kennedy: 05-31-18

Can't Beat Kennedy: Courtney From Maynard 1) Darryl McDaniels, aka DMC of Run-DMC is 54 today. What popular song did RUN-DMC have with Aerosmith? 2) 28 years ago today, Seinfeld debuted on TV. What sports organization did George Costanza work for on the show? 3) Tim Allen says the new season...
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Can't Beat Kennedy : 05-24-18

Can't Beat Kennedy: Mary From Winthrop Can't Beat Kennedy: Mary From Winthrop KFC is giving away Colonel Sanders pool floats. As part of an ongoing ad campaign there have been a string of different people who have played Colonel Sanders in commercials. Who is the most recent? 2) Emilia...
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