Rich People Get More Sleep on Average: Study

A new survey done by the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention asked nearly 140,000 adults in the United States about their sleep habits, and found that those who made more money, were more likely to get a full night’s rest.
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How to Overcome a Challenging Pandemic Sleep Routine

You might want to think twice before having that nightcap before bed — especially if you’re hoping it will help you sleep better. A neuroscience expert shares tips for those having trouble falling asleep during the pandemic.
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Why Some Married Couples Are Sleeping in Separate Beds

For many people who are married, going to bed means sharing a bed with your spouse. In a different case, experts have reported that some couples would prefer separate beds to get better sleep and help marital problems. According to 2017 National Sleep Foundation survey, almost one in four married...
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Producer Mike Has Been Drugging Himself For a Year!

Producer Mikes Been Accidentally Drugging Himself for a Year! Producer Mike has some pretty bad allergies so he takes medication for it. His wife has been buying him his allergy medicine for over a year and he's been doubling up on the reccomended amount. He only just found out on Saturday that she...
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