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Karson & Kennedy: Have You Gotten A Celebrity "Like"?

celebrity likes
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Tom Brady

Tom Brady Announces He Is Leaving The New England Patriots

This is the worst news ever.
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Karson & Kennedy : Lifestyle Expert Matt Simko Saves Us

Lifestyle Expert/influencer/a million other things that we certainly can't do Matt Simko joined Karson and Dan in studio to help them get their Fall looks ready so they don't look a mess as the leaves change! Lifestyle Expert Matt Simko Whips Karson and Dan Into Shape!
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Instagram Internationally Testing Hiding Number Of 'Likes'

They are hoping to "remove the pressure"!
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Kim Kardashian-West

Kim Kardashian-West Is Changing The Name Of 'Kimono' Shapewear After Backlash

Social media was on fire after she announced the line.
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P!NK Will Stop Posting Her Kids On Social Media Because People Are "Mean-Spirited"

People can be awful!
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Rob Gronkowski

Bud Light Wants Gronk To Run Their Social Media

"We have beer....."
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Should Karson Unfollow His Sis-In-Law's Recent Ex-Boyfriend?

Should Karson unfollow His Sis-in-Law's Ex? Karson's sister in law was dating this guy for about 5 months that everyone on the show knows and is friends. Now Karson isn't sure whether or not he's supposed to drop the guy to support his family member or not.
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Avril Lavigne

Avril Lavigne Is In "Homestretch" With New Music

She's been teasing her return for a while!
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Topanga Is Engaged!!

Not to Corey Matthews....
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