'Bomb Cyclone' Storm Leaves More Than 600,000 Americans Without Power

More than 60 million people are in the path of a dangerous nor’easter. Gale-forced winds downed trees and utility lines and knocked out power to more than 600,000 homes and businesses as the "bomb cyclone" hammered its way through New England and parts of New York early Thursday, according to USA...
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Here's Why Tropical Storm Karen Is Twitter's Newest Meme

Because the Internet is wild the newest Tropical Storm Karen is already turning into a viral meme. The moniker Karen has always been associated with that classic Kate Gosselin haircut that always has people joking "she needs to talk to a manager." You know exactly what that haircut looks like...
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Danielle & Matt

Wait Our Two Favorite Local Weather People Are MARRIED?

Wait our Two Favorite Local Meteorologists Are MARRIED? WBZ-TV's Danielle Niles and NBC10 Boston's Matt Noyce are on your TV's every morning giving you your weather for competing TV stations. What we just found out recently is after they're done going head to head they go home to the same address...
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Snow Storm

Producer Mike Made It On TV! But Not Into Work....

No Plows In Pepperell Huh?
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