Photographer Holds Free Front Lawn Photo Sessions for College Grads

A commercial photographer who has worked with some of the biggest athletes and celebrities in the world is now offering free front lawn photo sessions for college graduates.
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Study Shows Grads Would Rather Spend Week in Jail Than Pay Student Loan Debt

Would you rather stay in jail for a week or pay off your student loan debts? CBS Local reported that a study said that four in five graduates with student loans think of the debt as a life sentence. WKRG News , an affiliate of CBS, reported a study that 1,000 undergraduate and postgraduate degree...
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March For Our Lives

The March For Our Lives Protests HAppened on Saturday

8th Grader Chloe Speaks on March For Our Lives We spoke to Chloe who is an 8th grader that attended the event and also Abby who is a 22 year old first year teacher who also went to show support and got their perspectives on the March. RELATED: Karson Can Kiss His Social Life Goodbye! Abby is a...
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