6 Gripping Podcasts to Binge on Your Holiday Travels

There's a lot of valuable podcast-listening time involved with the holidays. There's the travels you embark on to your out-of-town relatives' house for dinner, endless trips to the grocery store, and, of course, all of the hours you'll spend in the kitchen preparing for the big meals and holiday...
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Karson & Kennedy: Mimi Got Stabbed At Thanksgiving

Karson had Thanksgiving at his house as he does every year, but this year something went terribly wrong in the Kitchen that ended in blood, and tears... and potentially stitches. RELATED: Karson & Kennedy: Lana & Mimi's Movie Review Poor Mimi. Happy Thanksgiving!
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7 Cyber Monday Deals on Smart Speakers and Audio Devices

Thanksgiving came and went, but the deals are still going strong for Cyber Monday. As the post-turkey day air begins to fill with the sounds of the holidays, this year brings a new sound to the holiday household: the sound of voice commands to smart devices through Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant...
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Scared Turkey

Karson & Kennedy : Annie's Thanksgiving Update

Annie's sister Caitlyn was hosting her very first Thanksgiving in her new home. Problem is she doesn't have the furniture, or cutlerly.... or space... or food to host the Dow family. So we HAD to check in with her today to see how it all went! Annie's Sisters Thanksgiving Recap
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13 Tasty Recipes to Transform Your Thanksgiving Leftovers

Aside from reuniting with family and feeling especially grateful, the best part of Thanksgiving is the scrumptious dinner. But the succulent turkey, cranberry sauce, stuffing, gravy, and mashed potatoes also make for delicious leftovers. Since you're bound to get tired of eating the same thing...
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How Long Are Thanksgiving Leftovers Good For?

Thanksgiving involves a lot of food, and unless you’re a competitive eater, you’ll likely end up with some leftovers the next day, or the next week. But it’s not always clear exactly how long you can safely enjoy those leftovers, especially since the holiday involves such varied foods . Don’t doubt...
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That Time Martha Stewart Ruined Thanksgiving

Believe it or not, Martha Stewart didn’t always know how to execute a flawless dinner party. While the 78-year-old has built an empire out of cooking and entertaining, there was a time when her Thanksgiving plans went up in smoke, literally. The incident occurred back in the early ‘60s when she and...
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There's a Butterball Hotline: 7 Facts You Didn't Know About Thanksgiving

After a couple centuries, the history and traditions of Thanksgiving have become a little muddled, with plenty of misconceptions creeping into the mythology. Straighten out your knowledge of the November holiday with these facts and historical tidbits about turkey day . View this post on Instagram...
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Bobby Flay Proves He’s Unbeatable With This Mashed Potato Thanksgiving Hack

Bobby Flay is at the top of his game. But when it comes to cooking -- especially on Thanksgiving -- the fanciest culinary technique isn’t always the best for those side dishes . At the 15th anniversary for his restaurant Mesa Grill at Caesar’s Palace in Las Vegas, the world-famous chef shared an...
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Fowl Play: Thanksgiving Turkey Tips From a Poultry Expert

When exactly is the right time to start preparing the Thanksgiving fixings? A local poultry expert says right now. If you can, Dean Frankenfield of Godshall's Poultry in Philadelphia's Reading Terminal Market recommends picking up a fresh turkey. “You can tell by the skin if it's nice and moist and...
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