Kennedy's Family Doesn't Understand How To Live 100

Kennedy's Memorial Day Denver Trip Kennedy went to Denver to visit her family over the long weekend and found herself trying to explain to them what hip, new phrases like "living 100" and "Thirsty" mean... and she was having a hard time. Where is Annie when you need her? Luckily Kennedy...
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 Kennedy Host

Kennedy Took a Girls Trip To Chicago!

Kennedy Took a Girls Trip To Chicago Kennedy flew back to her home state of Illinois over the weekend and reunited with some old girlfriends. We Wanted to know what Kennedy's oldest friends REALLY thought about her growing up so we sent her with a list of questions for them to answer AFTER Kennedy...
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War Of The Roses : Air B & Busted

War Of The Roses : Air B and Busted Justina is planning a vacation with her boyfriend Derrick... but it seems like he's already planned one of his own.
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3 Lies To Tell Your Mom

Three Lies : Points Problem

Three Lies : Points Problem Stephanie's mom Karen and her dad are planning a trip for their 50th anniversary and they've been saving up points on their credit card to pay for it.... at least thats what they thought they were saving them for before Stephanie got her hands on them in this weeks Three...
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Mimi's Cockamamie Weight Loss Scheme

Endangered Elephants > Mimi's health according to Kennedy.
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