Venice Canal

Venice's Canal Water Looks Clearer Amid Coronavirus Lockdown

The coronavirus lockdown is having some unexpected side effects!
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Coca-Cola To Sell Dasani In Aluminum Cans And Bottles

Helping the environment one bottle of water at a time!
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Cast members of "Game of Thrones" pose for a photo after winning the award of outstanding drama series during the 70th Primetime Emmy Awards in Los Angeles

'Game Of Thrones' Left A Water Bottle Visible In The Final Episode

During last night's Game Of Thrones finale, there was an unlikely item visible yet again. In a recent episode, someone left a coffee cup clearly on the table next to Daenerys Targaryen. HBO did confirm it was a craft services cup! Now, someone left a water bottle in a King's Landing scene behind...
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Polar Seltzer

Polar Seltzer Is Adding Two New Flavors To Its Summer Lineup!

These flavors will have you wishing it was summertime now!
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Annie Dow

Annie's Family And The Problem With Spreading Ashes...

Annie's Ashes Problem Annie's family spent the weekend down on the cape and wanted to spread the ashes of a family member in the ocean while they were down there. Problem is it didn't go exactly as planned. You're definitely not supposed to get them on you right?
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