Royal Puppy Wedding

The Royal Puppy Wedding Happened!

EASILY The Event Of The Year!!
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Royal Dogs 2

Vote For The Royal Puppy Wedding Hashtag!

What's your favorite? Let us know!
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Royal Dogs

We Are Having a Royal Puppy Wedding!

Move Over Harry and Meghan.
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Wedding Shopping List

The Wedding Boss : Salt's DIY Wedding

The Wedding Boss : Salt Is going DIY For His Wedding! The Wedding Boss Chezelle Rodriguez is back and this week she is tackling salt's strategy to have some DIY projects for the wedding. Is she for or against his ideas? RELATED: The Wedding Boss : Salt's DIY Wedding If you need a wedding planner we...
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Wait.... Did Salt Get Married Already?

Wait... Did Salt Get Married? Producer Mikes wife Natalie spotted something interesting in a photograph we took at the station last week and it has been bothering her since. She thinks Salt already got married and hasn't told anyone! She says he's wearing a wedding band in the picture and wants to...
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Formal Wear

The Wedding Boss Criticques Salt's Formal Wear

The Wedding Boss On Salt's Formal Wear Chezelle Rodriguez is the wedding boss and she comes in studio at 8:15 every Wednesday to help Salt with his upcoming wedding. Today we tackle formal wear... which is a dangerous game with our Salty who has quite possibly the most unique style on the...
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WATCH: Adele Just Served as the Planner, Minister & Singer for Her Best Friend's Wedding

Adele just confirmed that she did EVERYTHING for her best friend, Alan Carr , when he married his partner of 10 years, Paul Drayton, earlier this year.
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LIST: Five of the "Most Banned" Songs At Wedding Receptions Are...

It's you're wedding day, so of course, you want every single detail to be perfect. Yes, that definitely means the music has to be perfect. So I found this list of the most "banned" songs at weddings going around interesting. To be clear banned means that the couple asked the wedding entertainment...
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Wedding Photography

The Wedding Boss Tackles Photography

The Wedding Boss Handles Photograph Issues Salt and Sarah are in the midst of planning their wedding this fall and like any wedding, problems and issues are popping up. Luckily We have gifted Salt an ace in the hole. Chezelle Rodriguez is the wedding boss! and this week she is tackling the issue of...
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Salt Wedding Boss

The Wedding Boss : The Unruly Wedding Guest

Is Make Their Drinks a Double a Viable Strategy?
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